Help shape my plan to build back better in West Bromwich East

We can build back better in West Bromwich East. And you can help make it happen.

As we recover from the pandemic, we’ve got the chance to tackle the long-standing challenges facing our area and make life better for residents across Great Barr, West Bromwich, and Wednesbury.

We’ve already made a start. With your support, we’re making our streets safer with more police.

Supporting the NHS with the extra funding it needs. And backing businesses with more investment.

But we can go further locally.

Over the summer I began asking residents to help shape my local plan to build back better in West Bromwich East. But I want to hear from as many local people as possible.

Will you tell me your priorities for West Bromwich East and help shape my local plan?

By telling me your priorities, you can make sure I’m focused on the issues that matter most to you.

Some of the biggest issues residents have raised with me so far include:

-  Tackling crime by getting our fair share of the new 20,000 Police Officers on our streets.
-  Getting more opportunities for our young people with a new state of the art Youth Centre.
-  Building on our connectivity like sorting out the Scott Arms.

Do you agree with these priorities? Let me know by taking my survey; It only takes a few minutes to fill in.

Help us build back better in West Bromwich East. Fill in this survey and tell me your local priorities.

Build Back Better Survey

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  • Local Priorities
  • Supporting Jobs
  • Health and care services
  • Tackling Crime
  • You and your views
  • Your details

How important do you consider the following measures to help our community build back better from the pandemic?

£25 million for West Bromwich Town Centre and helping local businesses to recover.
Getting our fair share of extra Police officers on to the streets of West Bromwich East.
Sorting out the Scott Arms and connecting Bescot Stadium station to Friar Park with a bridge.
Building a brand-new state of the art youth centre to provide more opportunities for our young people.