My Plan

I'm working hard to deliver on MyPlan for our area

  • Building on our Connectivity

    We're located in a great part of the country. But we need to make the most of it. From HS2 to sorting the Scott Arms, we must all benefit from these opportunities.

  • A Healthier West Bromwich

    Life expectancy in West Bromwich is 5 years less than in Westminster. So, I want to focus on this inequality by tackling the root causes. And by championing increased NHS investment such as the new Midland Metropolitan Hospital.

  • Regenerate Our Area

    Town centres nationwide are struggling. First with the rise of out of town retail parks and the internet. And now with the effects of COVID. West Bromwich is not immune to these pressures. So, I'll continue to work with our Mayor, Andy Street, to ensure redevelopment.

  • Protect Our Green Spaces

    For too long, the solution to our housing problems has been to bulldoze our precious green space whilst derelict industrial sites remain untouched. So, I support a brownfield first approach so that we build the homes that we need whilst protecting our environment.

  • A Safer Sandwell

    People tell me that they are worried about crime. So, I'll fight to get our fair share of the new 20,000 Police Officers that will be delivered before the end of the Parliament. And I'll make sure that they don't all go to Birmingham.

  • More Opportunities For Young People

    Our young people are the future. They deserve the very best facilities. And that's why I'm campaigning for a state-of-the-art youth centre in the heart of West Bromwich East so that our young people have the very best opportunities in life.